Group News

    September 2016

  • Dr. Wang was invited to give a talk at the 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science.
  • Dr. Wang was invited to give a talk for the University of Minnesota's Magnetic Seminar in the Electrical Engineering department.
  • Our paper entitled "Enhancing the Thermal Conductance of Polymer and Sapphire Interface via Self-Assembled Monolayer" has been accepted by ACS Nano. Congratulations Jie!

    July 2016

  • Our group received MRSEC Seed Funding for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • Dr. Wang organized one session topic on "Hard-Soft Material Interfaces and Thermal Interface Materials" at the ASME 2016 Summer Heat Transfer Conference. She also delivered a talk entitled "Superb Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Ultrafast Thermal Characterization Using Ferrimagnetic Rare-Earth Transition Metal Transducers".
  • Our paper entitled "Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect of Magnetic Thin Films for Ultrafast Thermal Characterization" has been published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations Jie and Dustin!

    May 2016

  • Our paper entitled "Structure-Thermal Property Correlation of Aligned Silicon Dioxide Nanorod Arrays" has been accepted by Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations Jie and Xuewang!
  • Our paper regarding the thermal properties of black phosphorus was featured on the back cover of Advanced Electronic Materials. Congratulations Jie! 

            › This work has been reported and highlighted by MaterialsViews.

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  • Dr. Wang gave two tutorial talks and one invited talk at the 3rd International Conference on Phononics and Thermal Energy Science (PTES 2016) in Xi'an, China.

                       Image of the attendees at PTES 2016.

  • MNTTL received the 2016 LCCMR fund from the state of Minnesota to support our work entitled "Waste Heat Recovery with Efficient Thermoelectric Energy Generators" in collaboration with Prof. Kortshagen's group!
  • Xuewang Wu passed his preliminary oral exam! Congratulations!

          Xuewang posed with his committtee to commemorate the moment.

      From left to right: Prof. Simon, Prof. Hubel, Xuewang, and Prof. Wang.

    Apirl 2016

  • Our group received a seed funding from the C-SPIN, one of six centers of STARnet, a Semiconductor Research Corporation program, sponsored by MARCO and DARPA. Congratulations, Dustin and Jie!

    Match 2016

  • Our work on studying the interfacial thermal transport of the surface functionalized GNRs has been accepted by ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Congratulations, Xuewang and Jie!

    February 2016

  • Our work on probing the anisotropic thermal transport in BP has been accepted by Advanced Electronic Materials. Congratulations, Jie and Hu!
  • Our work in collaboration with Prof. Lu Na at Purdue U has been published in AIP advances. Congratulations, Xuewang!
  • Dr. Wang gave an invited talk at the Kyushu University. She enjoyed meeting with colleagues there as well as the great food.

    January 2016

  • Mr. Wei Zheng joined our group as a master student. Welcome!

    December 2015

  • Mr. Dustin Lattery passed his PhD qualification exam on the first try. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Wang attend the ASME-IMECE conference in Houston. She gave two presentations based on (1) Dustin's work entitled "Polarization Coupling of Anisotropic Wave Propagation in Uniaxial Metamaterials" and (2) Jie and Xuewang's work entitled "Thermal characterization of thin films consisting of aligned silicon dioxide nanowires".
  • Dr. Jie Zhu presented our work entitled "Revealing the Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity Using Time-Resolved MOKE" at the Thirty First MINT Research Reviewing meeting.

    August 2015

  • Dr. Xiaojia Wang gave an invited talk at the EITA-YIC conference in Boston.

    July 2015

  • Our manuscript entitled "Thermal Transport in Fullerene Derivatives Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations" was accepted for publication in Scientific Reports.
  • Our group received MRSEC Seed Funding for the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Thank everyone for their hard work!

    June 2015

  • Dr. Wang and Dr. Zhu attended the 19th symposium on thermophysical properties in Boulder, CO. and presented our work entitled " Thermal Transport in Fullerene Derivatives using Molecular Dynamics Simulations" .

    May 2015

  • Dustin Lattery won a CEMS Outstanding TA Award. Congratulations!

    April 2015

  • Prof. Wang and Mr. Xuewang Wu presented their work entitled “Nanoscale Thermal Analysis of Gold Nanorods in Aqueous Solution by Ultrafast Optical Absorption” at the ASME-NEMB 2015 conference in Minneapolis.
  • Dustin Lattery won an ASME/NIH award to attend the workshops at the 4th World Congress of Nano Engineering in Medicine and Biology
  • MNTTL members attended the Nano Day.

    March 2015

  • Dr. Wang delivered a talk at the Magnetic Seminar in ECE at the UMN.
  • Dr. Wang was invited to give a seminar at Seagate on “Ultrafast optical characterization of thermal transport in magnetic and non-magnetic materials”.

    February 2015

  • Dr. Wang gave a seminar on “Thermal transport in micro/nanostructured materials” based on her work in the ME department.

    January 2015

  • Dustin Lattery joined MNTTL as a master student. Welcome!

    December 2014

  • Group Lunch at Super Moon Buffet.
  • Dr. Jie Zhu joined MNTTL as a research associate. Welcome!

    November 2014

  • Mr. Hu Zhang joined MNTTL as a visiting scholar. Welcome!
  • Mr. Xuewang Wu passed his PhD qualification exam for the first trial. Congratulations!

    September 2014

  • Mr. Xuewang Wu joined MNTTL to pursue his PhD degree. Welcome!

    August 2014

  • First experimental data from the functional time-domain Thermoreflectance setup in MNTTL!

    July 2014

  • Dr. Wang attended the ICT2014 in Nashville.

    June 2014

  • 06/28/2014 First appearance of pulsed light in MNTTL!
  • 06/09/2014 Seungho (Ian) Mok from Georgia Institute of Technology joined MNTTL for his summer internship. Welcome!